AMIGHINI Architectural

Landmark Historical Doors

The landmark process begins when the customer’s house is situated in a historical block of the city. They need to install a specific type of door which is the original door the house had when it was built. They need to request the Historic Preservation Commission of the respective city for the old picture or layout. That is the moment where we begin working and go to take measurements of the customer’s house and based on the picture start drawing the shop drawings.

Meanwhile we assist the clients to select the hardware, such as, entry door set, cremone bolt, mail slot, hinges, etc.

When we have the shop drawings finished, we send them back to the customer for them to present the layout to the Historic Preservation Commission.

Once approved, we start building the door with antique reclaimed mahogany wood. This process takes about 3-5 months. Amighini uses salvage antique doors and beams to build custom doors, which is the way to guarantee 100 years of stationed wood. We are also eco-friendly with the environment, preserving the trees and woods.

Once the door is ready, we proceed with the finishing process and installation. We also take care of the exterior casing and interior moldings. Finalizing this project with all the necessary city requirements and trade details.

AMIGHINI Architectural

Custom Doors

If you do not find the doors of your dreams in our large inventory in our showroom, we can customize your door. This will entitle a process with our architects, designers and carpenters. The costumer gives us a reference of what he or she is looking for. This is when the magic of our creativity begins. Ask for your free estimate.